Farm Centre Legacy Garden robbed this week

Farm Centre Legacy Garden robbed this week

Staff at the Farm Centre Legacy Garden in Charlottetown are coming to grips with a robbery this week.

"I just don't get it. I just don't understand why people think they need to break in and steal this kind of stuff," said Phil Ferraro, the centre's general manager.

On Wednesday, a bicycle, tool bag with tools, propane tank and a weed trimmer were all stolen. Ferraro said minor thefts have occurred in the past.

"If they're short of cash and were going to fence it for food, we grow food here we can give it to them," he said.

Ferraro said the centre is going to do some fundraising in order to buy a security system.

On Sunday, the Charlottetown Police Service said the incident is still under investigation.

According to the Farm Centre's website, the Legacy Garden serves the community in several ways, such as by supplying the local food bank and women's shelters with organic fruits and vegetables as well as providing plots for the public to use. The garden also has an educational aspect with information signs. 

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