On-farm shop bylaw is getting an update

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Melancthon Township borders Southgate and discussed issues that both township share at a recent meeting.


Council, meeting as committee of the whole, had a look at the proposed bylaw update governing on-farm shops in Melancthon.

One of the big changes requested by council was a reduction in the distance between two on-farm shops. It’s now set at 500 metres, which township planner Chris Jones said had produced a good effect on the appearance of the countryside.

Councillors Bruce Besley, Wayne Hannon and Margaret Mercer all offered the view that the minimum distance could be much smaller.

After some discussion, the number 200 metres will appear in the proposed bylaw, which will be taken to the public for review before council takes its final vote.


Melancthon Council had representatives from the OPP to answer questions about policing.

Members heard that the cost of adding one full-time-equivalent contract, would be about $200,000 in the first year, and in the years after that $180,000.

Council has been looking for ways to address issues on its roads, and having a contract enhancement for traffic control was one possibility.

Mayor Darren White commented that the amount quoted was “a pretty big chunk of our budget.” He asked if the cost could be shared with a neighbouring municipality and the answer was yes.

Inspector Terry Ward, Dufferin OPP Commander said that it was a significant investment of resources in that officer, and there would need to be commitment on the municipality’s part.

Inspector Ward told council that up to September 2021 there were more than 600 tickets written in Melancthon compared to 250 in 2020. “I know people are out doing the education and enforcement piece,” he said.

Every vehicle has mobile radar and it’s operational, so patrol cars are running radar while they’re being visible in an area.

The present contract is in force to 2024, it was said. If Melancthon wanted to pursue the extra position, council would pass a motion and the Inspector and the CAO would be the two “main players” in working out the details. There is an internal approval process within the OPP as well.

Coun. Mercer asked about Caledon OPP and was told that there are 22 enhancements – one of the largest numbers in the province.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald

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