Farmer Fights to Save Remaining Cattle After Losing Thousands in Queensland Floods

A farmer in north west Queensland battled to save her remaining cattle after she lost thousands of animals in the devastating floods in early February.

Tracey Hacon, who owns farmland located north of Nelia, inland in Queensland’s north, said she lost between 5,000 to 7,000 head of cattle in the floods.

“We are still fighting to keep them alive, by dropping hay with helicopters to the survivors,” she told Storyful on Monday, February 11.

“Two properties are still under a lot of water. We will lose 90 percent on one place and 75 percent on another. We expect all up to lose 5,000 to 7,000. Some families have lost their entire herd,” Hacon said.

She told Storyful the floodwaters were so fast and strong they swept a train off the tracks near her property, as seen in images shared by the Outback Flying Service.

This video shows Hacon’s husband shifting cattle through deep mud and water. Hacon also shared images of her husband attempting to rescue a cow from deep floodwaters on February 6. Credit: Tracey Hacon via Storyful