Farmers Lament Early Winter Weather in Michigan

Residents experienced the first substantial snow of the season in Eaton Rapids, Michigan, on November 11 as up to five inches fell across the state, according to the National Weather Service.

In a video shared by Two Sparrows Farm, the cows walk through a snow-covered field as a younger calf jumps around behind them. The farm said the snow was “bittersweet” because an early winter “means the end of the road for many farmers.”

“Breaking into winter stores early compromises us for later in the winter, and likely a late spring,” Two Sparrows Farm posted on Facebook. “Be kind to farmers this year. Don’t complain about higher prices at the store. Buy directly if you can. It may be the lifeline they need to survive another season.”

The National Weather Service said the snow was expected to continue to fall for the rest of Monday. Credit: Two Sparrows Farm via Storyful