Farmhand Brings Cow Her Favorite Treat After She Delivers New Baby

Fiona is a beautiful soul who lives on a heavenly farm in Ontario, Canada. She roams freely with acres of lush, green grass to graze on and rolling hills nestled beside a forested area for shade. She drinks from ponds full of fresh water and she enjoys the sunshine and fresh air all day long. She's as happy as a cow can be, living a life that is as close to what nature intended as possible. Fiona has just had her first calf, and she's as perfect as Fiona is. Hope is two days old and she is curious and inquisitive. Dave, a part time farm hand in this meadow has arrived to meet Fiona's baby. He has brought a bag of corn, which is one of Fiona's favorite treats. Hope is nursing away when Dave approaches and Fiona can see that she is about to get a snack. She interrupts the milk session, walking up to Dave. But Hope follows along and checks out what is happening. She can see that her mother is having a good time with her corn but she can't quite understand the appeal. She has a sniff and she tries a little nibble but all she knows is milk and she has little interest in solid food. Fiona is a trusting cow and Hope learned quickly that people will do her no harm. The farmers here are extremely kind to their animals, placing herd health and well-being ahead of profit. The animals on this farm get quality vet care, lots of food, and a life of freedom. The herd wanders safely here with no worry about predators. There is even a gigantic bull named Gus who watches over his ladies protectively. This operation is what is referred to as an ethical farm. The cows live stress free and healthy. The farmers sell beef locally, reducing costs and avoiding shipping the animals from one location to another. Buying food from an ethical source doesn't cost much more and it is well worth the peace of mind knowing that it supports the farmers who are doing things right. Farms like these can be found in most communities.

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