Fatal shootings no cause for general alarm, say police

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Fatal shootings no cause for general alarm, say police

Windsor police say there is no cause for general alarm following two fatal shootings in less than a month.

Police say the victims and alleged shooters knew each other in both cases -- the shooting Friday night on Elsmere Avenue and the downtown slaying of 19-year-old Dallas Nelson on Feb. 21.

"[They were] nowhere near a random act," said Windsor Police Sgt. Steve Betteridge on Monday, adding neither shooting should heighten concern over rising gun violence in the city.

The origin and type of firearm used in the fatal shootings remains unclear. Police would not provide details, citing active investigations.

William Green, 53, of Windsor, has been charged with first-degree murder in connection with the most recent shooting on Elsmere near Erie Street. The victim, a 59-year-old man, has not been identified. 

David Formosa, 45, has been charged with first-degree murder in connection with the slaying of Nelson on University Avenue. He also faces several firearms charges.

Both fatal shootings occurred in Ward 4 but Coun. Chris Holt agreed with the assessment of police there is no cause for general alarm. 

"I've had no information that says this is a bigger problem with guns in the city," said Holt. "I don't believe there is anything the city can do. To mitigate this, you're implying that there is a this. And I don't believe that we have a this."

Joseph Bakhos lives two doors down from the scene of the most recent fatal shooting. He said the incident hasn't changed the way he feels about his neighbourhood.

"Obviously, it's a little frightening," he said. "But I don't really feel too threatened or anything."

Bakhos added he already had cameras set up on his property prior to the shooting.

Betteridge stressed police take all gun crime seriously

"One firearm issue is a problem," said Betteridge.  "It's dreadful that anyone uses a firearm against any other human no matter where it is so I'm not going to say that's not a problem."

Councillor Chris Holt said he has faith in Windsor Police to deal with issues of gun violence as they come up in Windsor.

"Politically whatever we can do in accordance to the advice given to us by Windsor Police Services, that's what we'll do," he said. "But I don't believe this is a part of a larger problem, of a widespread problem."