Father Buys Cancer-Fighting Son His Dream Mustang, Ford CEO Gifts Free Dark Horse Track Day

preproduction model shown available spring 2022
Father Buys Cancer-Fighting Son Dream Mustang Ford Motor Company

Joseph Tegerdine, 18, of Springville, Utah was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2019 when he was just 13. After years of treatment, the cancer was found to have spread to his lungs last month and he was given only a few months to live, Fox News reports. His dream car has always been a Ford Mustang, so to fulfill that dream, his father, Joe Tegerdine, bought the muscle car for his son.

Earlier this month, the elder Tegerdine posted on X, "For those wondering why I’d buy my 18yr old son a 330hp Mustang, well, he’s been given months to live and can’t work long enough to buy one himself. His comment on the way home: ‘Dad, I’m going to squeeze a few extra months of life just to be able to drive this.’ #cancersucks"

It is a heartwarming gesture that did not go unnoticed by Ford CEO Jim Farley. Farley replied to the post with, “Hi Joe, I’m so sorry to hear what your family is going through. Please let me know if you and your son would like to attend @FPRacingSchool to experience a @FordMustang Dark Horse on the track. DM me and we’ll make it happen.”

Of course, Tegerdine jumped at the chance and he and his son are planning to visit the performance racing school in Charlotte, North Carolina next month. It will no doubt make for incredible memories.

Joe Tegerdine posted again on X noting that his son would rather live the heck out of his remaining months than be suffering in a bed or wheelchair for years. We admire his courage and the steps the family is taking to help a sick teen squeeze as much fun out of his life as possible. Getting behind the wheel of his own 2.3-liter High Performance Package S550 Mustang is a great way to do it.

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