Father’s Day Q&A with the experts

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Little Hatters shared with the News their thoughts about dads ahead of Father’s Day.

The News: What is a dad?

Teddy (Kindergarten): “A dad is always looking over you.”

Eli (Grade 1): “Somebody who takes care of you.”

Anna (Grade 1): “Dads take care of you when you’re not feeling well.”

The News: What are dads good at doing?

Nash (Kindergarten): “They’re good at tucking you in bed.”

Rowyn (Kindergarten): “Dads are great at fixing stuff. All kinds of stuff.”

Liam (Grade 1): “Helping me when I want to learn times (tables). Like I know some times, but I want to learn more.

The News: What’s your favourite thing to do with your dad?

Marshall (Kindergarten): “My most favourite thing to do with my dad is go on bouncy castles and a trampoline.”

Daxton (Grade 1): “My dad plays games with me when I want to play games.”

Lochlen (Grade 1): “Work out!”

The News: What do you think your dad wants for Father’s Day?

Kinsley (Kindergarten): “Lots more hugs and kisses.”

Marshall (Kindergarten): “I’m just gonna do with him whatever he wants to do.”

Liam (Grade 1): “Maybe he wants some new hats. But he still has a lot of them. But maybe he wants more.”

Mila (Grade 1): “A Darth Vader suit. My dad has a helmet but not the suit.”

Eli (Grade 1): “A coffee cup that says, ‘Best Dad Ever.’”

Burtyn (Grade 1): “Love. Because he earns the love because he loves us. So he should get love back.”

The News: Do you think being a dad is difficult? And if so, why?

Ryker (Grade 1): “Yes, because sometimes it’s hard to fix stuff all the time.”

Hannah (Grade 1): “It is very hard work for dads for taking care of us, loving us and they cook food for us.”

Piper (Grade 1): “Being a dad is hard because you have to cook two meals a day, like breakfast and then supper.”


Dexton (Grade 1): “Yes (it’s hard being a dad). When my dad goes to work, he works sometimes for night and morning, so he doesn’t get to go to sleep some days. So, then my dad asks somebody to take care of me.”

Mila (Grade 1): “Do you have to carry him to bed?”

Dexton (Grade 1): “Um, no.”

KENDALL KING, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Medicine Hat News

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