Father of Superstore baby says mother didn't know she was pregnant

Father of Superstore baby says mother didn't know she was pregnant

The husband of the woman who gave birth in a Halifax grocery store says the arrival of little Ezra was even more of a surprise than it first seemed: the mother didn't know she was pregnant.

Kyle Cross, now with his wife Ashleigh and their child at the IWK Health Centre, spoke to CBC News on Saturday, the day after Ezra was born in the tiny bathroom of the Bayers Lake Atlantic Superstore.

Ashleigh and her mother were at the grocery store when Ashleigh felt the need to run to the washroom. Moments later, she started screaming.

"She was in there and she had a really bad pain, and she screamed out that she was having a baby," Cross said in a telephone interview.

'I was pretty shocked'

Ashleigh's mother and an employee jumped into action, delivering the baby before paramedics could arrive.

The couple had their first child just 10 months ago.

"I was pretty shocked because I didn't know that could happen," Cross said. "I thought it was just on reality TV, but apparently it's a thing."

Cross said the placenta was in a position in front of the baby, which meant Ashleigh wasn't able to feel the baby kicking or moving around.

'It was pretty stressful'

The assistant manager at the store said the employee who helped with the delivery wasn't interested in any attention.

Cross said he heard she was a retired or part-time nurse.

"I guess it was pretty dramatic," he said. "There were things that she didn't have. I guess she bled out quite a bit but she ended up being OK. It was pretty stressful."

The couple said their 10-month old, Mia, is already jealous of her new baby brother, who Cross described as "heavy and healthy" at eight pounds.

'Go to your doctor and check up'

Cross and his wife are looking forward to getting home from the hospital to set up an extra room for the baby.

He said they received a lot of love and support from friends and family.

"After you have your first baby, be careful," Cross said. "Go to your doctor and check up."