Father of victim in prom night killing 'pleased' with Devontay Hackett's prison sentence

Father of victim in prom night killing 'pleased' with Devontay Hackett's prison sentence

Brandon Volpi's father says he's "pleased" with the prison sentence handed to his son's killer, but that the pain of the tragedy will "never go away."

"You never expect this thing to ever happen. I'm still sometimes in denial that my son is gone, but he is," Danny Volpi told CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning Tuesday, a day after Devontay Hackett was sentenced.

"And it's a pain that will never go away. It's stuck with you for the rest of your life."

Hackett was convicted of second-degree murder in February in the stabbing death of Brandon Volpi outside Les Suites Hotel in downtown Ottawa on prom night in June 2014. He was automatically sentenced to life in prison, and a judge ruled Monday that he won't be eligible for parole for 12 years.

"It's a relief that this ordeal is finally over. It's been almost three years that the family's been waiting for this whole nightmare to end. And when I woke up this morning, I was energized," Danny Volpi said.

"I'm pleased with this decision. The family's pleased. And we can just move on with our lives."

'It's a senseless crime'

Still, Danny Volpi questions why his son ended up the victim of what he calls a "senseless crime" that has taken a serious toll on his family.

"My mother's really taken it hard. She really helped me raise Brandon from the ages of five to 18. She's been in his life forever. She thinks that he's basically one of her own. He kept her young, happy and lively. She misses him a lot," he said.

The Crown asked that Hackett be ineligible for parole for 12 to 13 years, while the defence requested the minimum of 10 years. In the end, Justice Charles Hackland decided on 12.

Danny Volpi plans on attending Hackett's parole hearing when the time comes. He also hopes to create an annual fundraiser for St. Patrick's High School to keep his son's memory alive.

Listen to the entire interview with Danny Volpi here.