My Favorite Butter of All Time Is Finally Back At Costco

I'm stocking up while it lasts!

<p>Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples

Butter makes everything better, but one particular butter from Costco may flip your life upside-down. Last year while studying the dairy section at the wholesale club, forever in search of the best new cheese, I ended up chatting with a friendly elderly Italian woman holding four boxes of butter. “This is from the best kinds of cows in Italy,” she told me, handing me a package of Ferrarini Butter ($11.99 for three 8.8-ounce logs). She told me it would be one of the creamiest butters I’d ever had, and she was right. (She also became my honorary nonna that day.)

Why Is Ferrarini Italian Butter So Good?

The butter comes from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy—which is also known for excellent Parmigiano Reggiano cheese—and is so creamy because of a special, particularly fatty milk made from a combination of Friesian and Jersey cows. It comes paper-wrapped and feels like opening a gift as you unroll the perfect, plump log. Even straight out of the fridge, it’s somehow gently soft, enough to yield under the pressure of a butter knife onto a piece of baguette or to dip a radish directly into it.

I did both upon arriving home, and discovered that it was unsalted. As much as I love salted, cultured, funky butter, this is not that. This is a creamy, dreamy, milky, luscious, slightly sweet butter that washed over my taste buds like a dairy wave. It was subtle yet incredibly satisfying, and a sprinkle of flaky salt on the next bite made it even better. And it made turning those two other logs of butter into different compound butters—by softening at room temp for a few hours then mashing in roasted garlic, salt, pepper, and thyme into one and strawberries and honey into the other—easier to mix sweet and savory. I froze those and used them for biscuits, scones, toast, finishing steaks, and pasta over the next few months.

Ferrarini Butter Is Back at Costco

This butter impressed everyone that tried it in my life, and there are also vocal fans online. “Delish with a little sea salt on top,” raves @costcontessa on Instagram. Definitely a great premium unsalted butter option if you spot it at your store!” Another fan, @costco_socal_treasures on IG, also named it “the best butter I’ve ever tasted!” They, like me, were probably distraught when it disappeared from Costco for a few months. After discovering that one 8.8-ounce log normally runs at least $8 or more at local grocery stores and online, I decided to find another butter to fall in love with. But I didn’t like anything as much as Ferrarini for a subtle, super creamy base. Then on a recent trip, I saw it again. We were reunited, this time not with my honorary nonna, but I did consider buying four boxes in her honor. Especially because, as with all things at Costco, who knows who long this product will stay on shelves!

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