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Up your Instant Pot game: 9 accessories to make cooking easier, from $13

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A glass lid, an air fryer lid, plus a steamer basket
Your Instant Pot can wear many hats — time to get the most out of this multipurpose machine.(Photo: Amazon)

This will probably come as no shock to you, but I absolutely love my Instant Pot — the ubiquitous kitchen marvel that can do everything from pressure cook to whip up yogurt. But what may come as a surprise is all the various goodies I use it to make — soups, stews, curries, even cheesecake — and the various extras I fit it with to turn it into even more of a multipurpose powerhouse.

There are steamer baskets for the easiest veggies ever and extra pots for when you're cooking multiple dishes at once. There are even bakeware slings for things like lasagna. Add-ons are typically inexpensive and definitely worth it — they'll elevate your Instant Pot experience and make the machine so much more useful.

Aozita Stackable Steamer Insert Pans

Steamer pans with veggies, eggs and rice
Use the inserts for veggies, eggs or rice — or even to make desserts like cheesecake. (Photo: Amazon)

These stackable stainless steel inserts let you cook multiple foods at once. You'll get two lids: one with holes to steam vegetables, rice, meat or fish and an air-tight top for baking, cooking, re-heating or storing.

$27 $30 at Amazon

Why get an Instant Pot, you ask?

First off, it's so much faster than the "old" way: A dish that would take a whole day in a slow cooker can be ready to serve in mere minutes in the Instant Pot. This is especially important when I’ve had a busy workday and feel too lazy to cook. With the Instant Pot, getting dinner ready is so easy and fast that I’ve cut down on the number of times I order takeout. I eat much healthier as a result.

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