Your Favorite Music Fan Will Treasure This Twistable Wireless Speaker

Fran Berkman
Your Favorite Music Fan Will Treasure This Twistable Wireless Speaker
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HiddenRadio Bluetooth Speaker

Give the gift of noise this holiday season. HiddenRadio is a uniquely designed, portable wireless speaker that you can "unwrap" each time you use it.

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Rather than traditional button volume adjustment, twist HiddenRadio's outer shell to increase or decrease volume. As you would expect, the volume increase as more of the speaker becomes exposed.

In a promo video, co-creator John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen call's HiddenRadio "the world's simplest and most intuitive Bluetooth and radio speaker, ever." The device itself looks like a futuristic canister. It comes in three colors -- pure white, graphite black or metallic silver, which matches Mac laptops.

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HiddenRadio is Bluetooth-enabled. It searches for matching devices when you first unscrew the speaker, and connecting is as easy as finding the Bluetooth menu on your device. There's also a discreetly placed 3.5mm mini-jack connector on the bottom of HiddenRadio, if you're old school and want to connect your Walkman.

Above all, your friends and family will love HiddenRadio because it looks awesome. But aside from top-notch design, they'll adore its portability and lack of wires.

For all its compactness, however, the device takes a hit in sound quality. And while the device is capable of producing a loud volume, it is not going to replicate the audio of a full-sized speaker. For those who prefer watch movies and TV shows on a laptop, however, HiddenRadio is a perfect solution to the volume troubles you're likely to experience with built-in laptop speakers.

Price: $189.95

HiddenRadio Bluetooth Speaker

Originally a Kickstarter project, the HiddenRadio ($190) is a Bluetooth speaker an ingenious and attractive design. However, it doesn't sound as good as other wireless speakers available for about the same price.

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