Fearless stingray swims majestically among sharks & scuba divers

This large spotted eagle stingray swims through the waters surrounding the Galapagos Islands as if it has nothing to fear. A full grown stingray can inflict a life threatening wound with it's large, sharp barbs. The 6 barbs are equipped with a powerful toxin that will cause tremendous pain. This would be enough to deter all but the most determined predators. Eagle rays are preyed upon by several species of shark yet, this large ray cruises unconcerned among them and even around scuba divers. The divers were in complete awe of this magnificent creature. Spotted eagle rays are generally shy and reclusive but they are known to occasionally be curious about scuba divers who are slow and non-threatening. These divers are very fortunate to experience such an up close interaction with this beautiful animal. Spotted eagle rays have very distinctive markings that create a stunning black and white pattern on their back. Their snout is unlike that of other stingrays. The broad, flat bill is used to dig in the sand to uncover mollusks, crabs, and other small animals which the eagle ray preys upon. These rays detect the animals buried in the sand with their electroreceptors in their heads and snouts. They can detect the electrical impulses of even the smallest creatures. Intelligent and beautiful, these creatures are a spectacle to behold.

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