"Feather Brows" Are Back — But in the Most TikTok Way

The current eyebrow trends are leaning towards '90s thin and "naked" brows, but leave it to TikTok to reign supreme and represent those will full brows with its latest buzz of "Feather Brows."

#Featherbrows are nothing new. They've come modeled as "soap brows" or Glossier's infamous "Boy Brow," which took over our faces from 2015 and beyond. For feather brows, the main point of this makeup tip is to use a spoolie to lift your eyebrows up to give the illusion of a whole and "feathery" look. Some opt for the lamination route, but if you'd rather keep the look natural, take your favorite brow gel or pomade and brush those babies up to the heavens. I like to brush the hairs upwards, set them in place with a clear brow gel, and take a darker brow pencil and flick the hairs up more towards the beginning of the eyebrow and at the ends where the strands may be sparse. Once done, I go over them with a brown brow gel to diffuse the harshness and they're done.

The best thing about the feather brows trend is that anyone can "fake it til they make it." If you're new to brow products, as long as you have a spoolie and clear brow gel, you can make magic happen. If the look works out for you, hit us up at hypebaebeauty on IG with your best "browfie."

@stxph.h i love how feather brows give the illusion that i have thick eyebrows #fypシ #browroutine #featherbrows #soapeyebrowroutine ♬ virgo - Jadu Jadu