Your February 2023 Horoscope and Zodiac Predictions

Somehow, the first month of 2023 is already over and we are easing into February. The Year of the Rabbit is hopping into high gear as this is our first full month under the cuddly creature's gentle reign. It might also be a cosmic coincidence that there are no planets in retrograde in February, resulting in a much-needed, uneventful season.

The rabbit is ruled by Neptune, a psychic planet that rules over intuition, dreams and spirituality. Coupled with the animal's deeply compassionate nature, you'll be looking for love in every nook and cranny this month, discovering that not only does it arrive in commercial, candy-coated forms, but it comes from within. Don't forget -- we're also in the midst of Aquarius season until February 18. While the air sign is known for its eccentricities and individuality, the Water Bearer is famous for their desire to uplift their community.

Married with the rabbit's giving spirit, the name of the game for February is authentic connection. While adorable bunnies may roam in droves, it's important to remember that you do not have to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others. You cand always go further together, but you'll end up stuck in the same place if you're moving with the wrong crowd.

Sunday, February 5 delivers a full moon in Leo, instilling us with a bout of confidence and power as the prideful lion is never one to be bashful. February 14 is, of course, Valentine's Day. Regardless of your relationship status, fight the urge to succumb to society's traditional notions of love and flip the script. Adopt the rabbit's empathetic energy and spread love to everyone throughout the month, but give yourself a little extra TLC on Cupid's day.

February 20 will have you in the deep end as Pisces season kicks off with a new moon. The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces are notoriously emotional and sensitive, but that is exactly what their superpower is. Much like the rabbit, its kind nature is what allows it to connect deeply with others and themselves. Be inspired to bask in your version of a soft life, knowing that it is anything but a weakness.