February’s cold weather snap broke a few daily records

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February’s weather was, well, February-ish, say the forecasters at the Southeast Fire Centre in Castlegar.

“January’s warm and wet conditions continued into early February before a modified Arctic airmass pushed into the area from the north and east bringing a stretch of roughly 10 days of colder-than-average temperatures and generally snow-free conditions,” says a summary of the month’s weather issued by the centre.

Three new daily minimum temperature records were set during this period (on the 11th, 12th, and 13th) in the -12°C to -16°C degree range. However, the monthly record low temperature of -21.5°C set in 2014 still stands.

The cool weather also meant not a lot of rain or snow fell during that period, with precipitation totals coming in at 30% below average.

Again, however, no records were broken by the dry spell. The greatest amount of precipitation on record for the month of February is a little over four times what was measured this month (162.7 mm in 1979). At the other extreme, on the low end, less than one quarter of this month’s total was seen in 2005.

It was generally cooler as well. The mean monthly temperature of -1.9 was 1.8 degrees lower than average.

There is usually slightly more rain than snow during the month of February, but this year's below-average temperatures meant snow was the more frequent precipitation type, forecasters say.

John Boivin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Valley Voice