'We feel the love,' says Regina grandmother who recorded dozens of audiobooks for her grandkids

A Regina woman is making sure she can read timeless stories to her grandchildren wherever they are.

Laureen Graham has been recording custom audio books for her seven grandchildren using the WhisperRoom Sound Studio at the Regina Public Library.

"Of course the best scenario is if you can have them on your lap, or right beside you and you're reading to them and there's just a real nice bond between the child and ourselves," she said. 

Recording classics like Robert Munsch's Love You Forever or Fraggle Rock stories like The Case of the Missing Socks, Graham's grandchildren are now able to hear stories read by grandma, even if they're not together in the same room, city or province.

Heidi Atter/CBC

"It's fun to see what input they have into the story as well and their comments about it. I just think they feel the love and we feel the love. So, it's really a nice exchange."

With grandchildren in Saskatoon, Regina and B.C., Graham created the recordings to help ensure the little one's parents can get things done. 

She also hopes it helps her grandchildren who are just learning to read or are gaining independence by following along alone.

Heidi Atter/CBC News

Graham has created between 30 to 40 audio books for her family since she started recording in the fall.

Graham said reading especially emotional books like Love You Forever, a story the grandmother couldn't get through without shedding a tear or choking up, was a different feeling entirely within the WhisperRoom and no children nearby.

"I was able to get through it just fine without any emotions interrupting the story," she said.

Graham hopes the recordings are put to good use, even as her grandchildren get older.

While she hopes some of the recordings remain treasured stories read between generations, she'd be fine with them being handed down to the next bookworm who is getting their start in the world of reading.

"That's fine too," she said. "It can just go out there into the world."