Feeling stumped? Get your perfect Christmas tree this weekend at two Lions Club sales

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree.

Starting this weekend, you can head over to Cornerstone Community Church in Virgil or the St. Davids Lions Club to pick out the perfect Christmas tree for your home.

The Niagara Lions Club will be selling about 450 trees out of Cornerstone Community Church’s parking lot starting Friday, Nov. 18.

There’s only a short window of opportunity to grab your tree, since they tend to sell out fast.

“Last year we were done by Dec. 7 and the year before Dec. 3,” said Terry Flynn, who has been helping run the sale for 25 years.

There will be a variety of sizes, from four to 14 feet tall. Prices can range from $40 to more than $200.

Flynn said he gets the trees from Somerville Nurseries Inc. in Everett, Ont.

Fraser and balsam fir trees will be available. The price for the fraser firs will average about $85, while balsams will average about $75.

Prices have gone slightly up due to a tree shortage, said Flynn.

He used to run the sale with John Skubel, who died in 2020. This year, Flynn plans again to have a huge banner up at the church to honour his late friend.

“In his memory, I got this big huge banner that says, ‘Niagara Lions Club Christmas tree sale in memory of John Skubel,’ ” he said.

Flynn hopes to raise about $8,000 for the community. Last year, the tree sales generated about $7,500.

The St. Davids Lions Club has its own Christmas tree sale starting on Saturday, Nov. 19. There will be 700 douglas fir trees available.

“We’re going a little bit more this year because we have an option to have coloured trees,” said Glenn Miller, known as the “Lion chief” at the St. Davids Club.

The coloured trees will be red and green, and supply is limited.

The Lions will be offering trees ranging from six to eight feet tall, with the average tree costing about $80. Table-top trees will also be available.

“The profits from the Christmas tree sale go to the Lions Club general account to handle budgeted items for charities that we give to every year and also for requests for funds,” said Miller.

At the St. Davids Lions Club, the sale will be from noon to 7 p.m.

At Cornerstone Community Church, the hours of operation will be 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Monday to Friday, and 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends.

Both sales will continue until they are out of trees.

“I look forward to seeing all the locals at Christmas to say Merry Christmas,” said Flynn.

Somer Slobodian, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Lake Report