Felix Hernandez literally laughs out loud at Adrian Beltre after awkward strikeout

Felix Hernandez and Adrian Beltre are buddies.

The Seattle Mariners pitcher and Texas Rangers third baseman have a history of shenanigans; otherwise what happened Tuesday night would most definitely not be cool.

Hernandez thoroughly confused Beltre with an inside breaking ball on an 0-2 count, leaving Beltre with what can only be described as a silly-looking check swing and a dubious grin on his face after strike three.

Felix Hernandez gives Adrian Beltre the business

What ensued after is the stuff of rivals who genuinely enjoy each other’s company. After Beltre froze for a moment to contemplate what had just happened, Hernandez made eye contact and keeled over laughing.

Heranandez then walked with Beltre toward the Rangers dugout, pointing out the proper home for the vanquished batter.

Hernandez appeared to have some friendly words of encouragement for Beltre along the way.

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Felix Hernandez got the best of Adrian Beltre from the mound on Tuesday and made sure his buddy knew about it. (AP)