'Felt like a tornado': Yukoners clean up after strong winds down trees, cut power

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Some Yukoners are cleaning up fallen trees and damaged property after strong winds whipped through parts of the territory on Monday.

"It almost felt like a tornado at some points," said Jordi Mikeli-Jones, who lives near Lake Laberge, north of Whitehorse.

She said seven or eight trees snapped on her property—some up to 30 metres tall— and estimated hundreds of trees fell nearby in the Deep Creek subdivision.

"Never have we experienced something like this," said Mikeli-Jones.

She said her family recently buried a pet cat, under a tree, which came unearthed in the wind.

"There was definitely a feeling of danger last night," she said.

Mikeli-Jones said neighbours rallied together to help clear the road. She said it will likely take weeks and thousands of dollars to clean up the mess.

"We heard chainsaws going through the night," she said.

Submitted by Lou Samson-Noormohamed
Submitted by Lou Samson-Noormohamed

Power cut

Several Yukoners had power cut as winds blew up to 80 kilometres per hour Monday in Whitehorse, Haines Junction and Burwash Landing, according to Environment Canada meteorologist Mike Gismondi.

Yukon Energy said several trees fell on the transmission line between Whitehorse and Faro. About 1,900 customers in 10 communities lost power on Monday, said Yukon Energy, but 90 per cent of them had their power back within about 30 minutes.

Ian Angus, who has a cabin near Grizzly Valley north of Whitehorse, said his possessions were scattered all over the property.

"There were trees bigger than my thigh broken off and just laying across the driveway," he said. "I love the Yukon, it just throws a wrench at you every now and then."

Jordi Mikeli-Jones
Jordi Mikeli-Jones