Female air passenger hailed for leaving free tampons at Canadian airport

Meaghan Spencer
Calgary Airport slashed their prices after the generous actions of

A female air passenger was hailed after she left a box of tampons for others to use free of charge at an airport in Canada.

During her time at Calgary Airport, the anonymous traveller discovered that all the tampon vending machines were empty, forcing her to buy a box from a shop for almost £9 ($15). These types of machines typically charge just between £1 to £2 per product.

Describing the price as “not acceptable”, the woman left a note and the remaining sanitary products in a bathroom.

She wrote: “None of the tampon vending machines work in this area so I was forced to buy this $15 box from Relay.”

“Not acceptable! Please take one if you need one.”

Lady bro in the bathroom of the Calgary Airport! I appreciate you! (Xpost r/humansbeingbros) from Calgary

The thoughtful gesture was photographed and shared on Reddit by fellow traveller Carlee Field, who posted it with the caption: “Lady bro in the bathroom of Calgary Airport! I appreciate you!”

The good deed has been praised by many on social media with the photo having received over 11,000 responses and making the front page of the site.

Catching the attention of Calgary Airport, staff replied to the Reddit post announcing that the price of tampons would be slashed to £3.60 ($6.25).

A verified post read: “Our maintenance team has checked and filled all vending machines in the washrooms, and our retailer Relay has adjusted the price of tampons to $6.25, effective immediately.”

The move from the airport has also been praised as it’s thought that the same box of tampons could be bought at local convenience shops for C$3.97, nearly four times less than the original airport price of C$15.

Speaking to CTV News, Carlee Field explained why she decided to share the mystery woman’s generous actions: “It’s so nice to bring attention toward kind things people do.”

“Fifty per cent of the population needs these things and she helped make a difference that day.”

“Thank you. From woman to woman, you’re fantastic.”