Windsor firefighter sues over sex harassment

A Windsor, Ont., firefighter is suing her superiors and the city for sexual harassment.

A female firefighter has launched a multimillion-dollar sexual harassment lawsuit against the City of Windsor, Ont., and supervisors in the fire department.

Mary Herzog, who has been with the fire department since 1993, is seeking compensation for breach of trust, negligence, assault and intentional infliction of mental distress.

In the statement of claim, Herzog alleges that she works in a "sexually charged" environment, and that her superiors committed numerous unwanted and unwarranted acts of sexual, emotional and mental abuse. She says that no one did anything about the behaviour.

Herzog says she felt ridiculed and alone, and that she feared losing her job.

The city plans to defend itself against the lawsuit. Council members will be updated in a closed session prior to Monday night's city council meeting — the first since the election 2½ months ago.