Fentanyl deaths still on the rise in Red Deer, new report shows

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    Tip, dont take fentanyl
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    Gooooooo Fentanyl, do your thing
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    Increase penalties for sellers makes more sense.
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    Assisted suicide is legal in Canada !! Let the DIYers reign.
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    Old rifleman
    Fentanyl is the taxpayers' friend.
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    Over 680 albertans died from opioids? This is a bigger crisis then already dead indigenous inquiry , let’s put our money to saving Canadians that are still alive.
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    This is good, no! If these idiots have no reason to live anymore this is great! I like beer if my next bottle kills me does this mean we have an beer crises or a health crisis. I also have an addiction to gambling hopefully soon we see a money injection center soon cuz I'm running out of funds. I don't want to work! Maybe Justin can organize a Gofundme for "ME".
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    Let them commit suicide.