Fentanyl trafficking trial postponed after witness beaten

Fentanyl trafficking trial postponed after witness beaten

The drug trafficking trial against two Amherstburg residents, Caroline and Lorne Wagner, has been postponed after a key witness was beaten and hospitalized.

Dean Trombley, who has long battled drug addiction, was beaten Tuesday night and had to have his jaw wired shut. He remains in hospital. He had been scheduled to testify Thursday.

Trombley's mother, Patty MacLellan, testified Wednesday she came home in July of 2015 to find her son-in-law Rob Myles dead on the bathroom floor of an overdose. She scoured the house and found fentanyl patches, including some in Trombley's wallet, the trial heard.

The trial is scheduled to resume June 23. A second day is scheduled for July 20.

Before adjourning for the day, the Wagner's family physician Dr. Tim O'Callahan took the stand. In his testimony, he said he prescribed fentanyl patches to Lorne, who suffered from tendonitis.

O'Callahan said he prescribed a series of treatments, including anti-inflammatories and opioids, that didn't work.

He started prescribing 12 micrograms of the patch and incrementally increased the dosage to 75 micrograms, which he said finally eliminated the pain.