Fernando Rodney snacked on snowflakes during a save

The weather hasn’t been kind to baseball in the first week of games. Rain, cold temperatures, and even snow have wreaked havoc on both schedules and the games themselves. Players are bundled up, and most don’t look too thrilled to be hitting in the biting cold.

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But even if it starts to snow in the middle of the game, like it did during Wednesday’s game between the Minnesota Twins and the Pittsburgh Pirates, you can still have fun. Twins closer Fernando Rodney certainly did.

Fernando Rodney was hungry for snowflakes. (AP Photo)

Rodney was closing out the Twins 7-3 win over the Pirates at PNC Park, and with snowflakes falling around him, he took a moment to channel his inner child. Or maybe he was just hungry.

Everyone’s done that at least once. We’ve seen the Peanuts characters do it on the Charlie Brown Christmas special. And now we know that even baseball players love to try and catch snowflakes on their tongue. Rodney actually looks like he’s trying to take a bite out of the falling snow, which is adorable.

The snow (and the snow-biting) didn’t stop Rodney from making the save. Considering that temperatures for the Twins home opener on Thursday are expected to be in the 30s, it was probably good practice for Rodney. It might not be the last winter weather save he has to make before the temperatures turn warm.

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