Ferrari Enzo Crashes on German Autobahn

ferrari enzo crash
Ferrari Enzo Crashes on German AutobahnMunich Fire Department

On Tuesday morning a Ferrari Enzo crashed into a central barrier on the A99 motorway near Munich, Germany. Another vehicle was damaged as debris from the Enzo flew across the roadway. Three people were injured in the crash according to the Munich Fire Department.

On Tuesday morning the driver lost control of the Enzo and it slid into the central barrier near the Neuherberg exit on the German autobahn. The force of the crash was so severe that very valuable parts of the super Ferrari were spread over 650 feet. Firefighters had to secure the scene and pick up leaking fuel. The driver of the Ferrari was transported to a nearby Munich clinic to be treated for injuries. The exact cause of the crash remains under investigation.

ferrari enzo crash
Munich Fire Department

Pictures of the scene indicate that the road may have been wet. A slick road surface combined with 650 horsepower going to the rear wheels could have certainly played a role in the crash. We applaud the driver for actually driving the Enzo, especially in less-than-ideal conditions. Many of these cars never see the light of day as collectors don’t want to risk their multi-million-dollar investment.

The Ferrari Enzo is a legendary, iconic hypercar that was built between 2002 and 2004. The original list price was approximately $650,000, and even if you had the money to buy one, Ferrari had to select you before you were allowed to purchase it. Today an Enzo can sell for more than $4 million. Ferrari officially claims that only 399 were ever made, though there are periodic rumors and rumblings that Ferrari might have let a few extra roll out of the factory. Regardless, it is a rare car, and every single one is precious. Seeing one sitting broken in the middle of the autobahn is tough to take.

The impact to the front of the car looks significant as most of the front of the car is missing and the suspension is clearly broken. But from the windshield back, the car looks like it didn’t sustain any damage. That combined with the high value of the Enzo means that this particular example will likely be repaired and will live on to drive another day. However, the insurance company is going to have to cut an awfully big check to cover it.

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