Will Ferrell had to be rescued after getting lost in Switzerland

Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers to promote their new movie, Downhill, and, honestly, between the two of them, it sounds like there were a lot of crazy things that went down. On Colbert Tuesday, Louis-Dreyfus shared a bizarre poop-related story about Vladimir Putin, and on Thursday, Ferrell shared an unfortunate, but totally hilarious, story about getting lost after skiing downhill to Switzerland.

"The second resort we were in, called Ischgl, shares the border," Ferrell explained. "There were little signs, like, 'This way, Switzerland.' I'm, like, let's do it. So I'm by myself, I'm skiing down, I was like, this is so lovely and, like, but I don't see a chair lift back at all. And I end up in a small town in Switzerland. Gone for, like, three hours. I have to figure out, like, a bus and a tram. I had no money."

The actor joked, "The Swiss are naty. To get cornered by a bunch of Swiss, chanting at me. Pelting me with Rolex watches. Hard chocolate candies. It was harrowing."

Ferrell said what panicked him most was the fact that he would have to call production to pick him up in Switzerland, which was a three hour drive from base camp and a six-hour drive roundtrip. "They would be bummed and I would have committed resources that were needed elsewhere, to picking me up," said Ferrell.

Fortunately for the Downhill star, where there’s a will, there’s a way and, in the end, Ferrell made it back safely. Although, Director and Writer Jim Rash, who joined the actors later in the show, seems to have hoped for a different outcome.

"We were actually upset that he came back. We were like, we did it. But he found his way back, so, you do what you can," joked Rash.