Ferryland residents bask in the sights as they hit the trail in new walking club

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A recent partnership between the Town of Ferryland and local businesses is encouraging folks to get out and, on the go, and maybe even win a prize doing it.

Jill Curran of Lighthouse Picnics said that, with so many cancellations and restrictions of other activities in recent months, she found herself out walking more.

“You feel a million times better when you get home,” said Curran. “And in the community, we live, we’re totally blessed with the views. The views are just, ‘Wow!’ It makes you appreciate how lucky we are to live where we are.”

Curran said she’s certainly not the only one hitting the trails in her spare time.

“I’ve even heard a lot of people, especially over Christmas, talk about how nice it was to see people and talk to people, that you might not see all the time,” she said.

Curran spoke with Mayor Sean Walsh, and let him know that her business, along with management at Ferryland Foodland, would be willing to donate prizes for a monthly draw to folks who let the Town know that they were out walking the trails.

“He thought it was a fantastic idea,” said Curran. “It’s a really different kind of walking club; walk when you want, walk at your own pace, walk wherever you want.”

Recent upgrades this past fall to the town’s main trail, which opens near the Town of Ferryland sign and flower gardens, and run the length of the community, parallel to the shoreline, make the trail more accessible and easier to access.

“All of these updates to the trails are fantastic and have made the trails so much more accessible for so many more people,” said Curran.

The trail is also used by Baltimore School for hiking, snowshoeing, and even science classes.

The Town held its first prize draw last week, and by that point 67 people had participated.

Curran said there’s prizes lined up months to come, and that’s there no end in sight for the walking club.

“I don’t see it as anything that’s going to wrap up anytime soon,” said Curran, who added it’s a simple program that she would like to see other communities’ launch.

Mark Squibb, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Shoreline News