Fetty Wap reps 'Win City' on latest tour stop at Windsor Coming Home Music Festival

Fetty Wap, the rapper who brought us 'Trap Queen,' stopped at Devonshire Mall this weekend and left with new swag for his performance at the Coming Home Music Festival.

Ayad Saddy, co-owner of BB Branded, said one of his friends has connections to the rapper's team and brought them to his apparel boutique.

"It was last minute. I had to get security to come to the store and lock the front gate," said Saddy.​

Fetty Wap brought "everybody and their mama" to the store, including rappers and his tour manager, and they all left with clothing that says "Win City." He later wore his new t-shirt on stage Saturday at the electronic dance music festival on the riverfront. But he did not war it for long because he went topless soon after.

Saddy said the apparel line was first started five years ago, when they wanted to have something that represents the city in a good way.

"We had this store for 15 years downtown, and we had all these kids that would come in and say 'I hate this place, I want to graduate or get out of school and move to Toronto or move to a bigger city," said Saddy.

Submitted by Ayad Saddy

"So we thought we would give us something to be more proud of instead of wearing everything else under the sun like Detroit stuff, like Toronto franchise basketball."

Saddy explained the story behind this clothing line to Fetty Wap and how they had wanted to do something for the kids in the city.

"He really liked that idea. And I believe that's why he kind of made all his guys wear this shirt," Saddy said.

Fetty Wap is continuing his tour in Toronto on Monday.