Fiat Grande Panda is a compact hatchback with a serious attitude

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Earlier in 2024, Fiat announced plans to turn the Panda — which has been one of its smallest and most affordable models since 1980 — into a full range of models. The first member of the extended Panda family is a compact, crossover-like hatchback called Grande Panda.

Stretching to 157 inches long, the Grande Panda stands out with angular styling and a futuristic-looking front end. There's a tiny bit of retro hiding in that 22nd-century-like stare: The Fiat logo is offset to the side, like it was on the pre-facelift version of the original Panda. The black plastic cladding, the skid plate-like trim on the front bumper, and the roof rails give the hatchback a rugged look, while the rear lights create another visual link to the first-generation Panda. What's certain is that the Grande Panda looks like nothing else on European roads.

We haven't seen the interior yet. We're told it seats five, and we hope the cabin will be at least as distinctive as the exterior.

Technical specifications haven't been released. Fiat noted that it built the Grande Panda on a multi-energy platform to offer both hybrid and electric variants. Four-wheel-drive is a big part of the Panda's heritage, but we're guessing the Grande will settle for front-wheel-drive.

Fiat will release more details about the Grande Panda in the coming months. The model will be sold in Europe, in the Middle East, and in Africa, but nothing suggests we'll see it in the United States. As for the current, third-generation Panda, it's sticking around for the time being. It was renamed Pandina in February 2024, and it's tentatively scheduled to remain on the market through 2027. It's old by car standards — it made its debut at the 2011 Frankfurt auto show. It remains one of the cheapest new cars in Europe and one of Fiat's best-sellers, however.

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