Fictional rookies show promise at summer league, according to 'diehard' Lakers fans

The Sacramento Kings haven’t exactly been the most well-run franchise over the past few years, but, in the face of adversity, their digital and social media teams have excelled. The latest example? They sent one of their in-house digital reporters out to Las Vegas summer league to trick Los Angeles Lakers fans into hyping up rookies that don’t exist.

Here’s the video in all its glory:

So, Lakers fans decked out in Kobe Bryant jerseys and such, what are your thoughts on very real, 100 percent not fictional rookie Shawn Carter?

Fan No. 1: “Mr. Carter’s going to help us get to where we need to go.”

Fan No. 3: “He played better than I thought. I definitely feel like he has a lot of potential.”

Fan No. 4: “He’s pretty good, but actually I think he needs to contribute more.”

Fan No. 5: “I think he’s going to contribute great. I mean, he’s still a young player, I feel like in the future, when it comes to the season, he’ll be ready.”

And how about Carter’s summer league teammate, certainly-not-actually-a-Game-of-Thrones-character Ned Stark?

Fan No. 2: “I’m hoping he’ll do good, just like every rookie for my team, because I’ve been a diehard fan since I was born.”

Fan No. 3: “He’s playing pretty well too.”

Lakers fans flocked to Las Vegas over the past two weeks to get glimpses of their prized rookie, No. 2 overall pick Lonzo Ball. But, thanks to the Kings, we know that if we rave about their presence in Vegas, we’re probably stretching the definition of “fan” juuuuuuuust a bit.

(Yahoo Sports)