Field parties come with 'huge liabilities,' RCMP warn

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As temperatures get warmer on P.E.I., RCMP are preparing for field parties, and warning that hosting these events can come with liability issues.

Field parties on the Island are often associated with proms or graduation. They often involve underage drinking. RCMP Staff Sgt. Kevin Baillie said he has also known them to include other illegal activity.

"In previous years I am aware of assault charges, sexual assault charges, impaired driving charges, drunk in public charges, and supplying liquor to a minor charges all arising as a result of a field party," Baillie wrote in an email to CBC News.

Adults help organize some parties

Baillie said the parties are sometimes set up or assisted by well-meaning parents or other adults, and warned there can be problems with hosting such an event.

"There are huge liabilities for those involved in organizing these events should someone be injured, killed, assaulted, or victim of some other offence," he said.

"Before someone would give permission to allow such a party to take place on their property, or assist in organizing it, they may want to check with their insurance company to see what coverage, if any, they would have if something bad occurs."

Baillie said field parties are on ongoing concern, and he has not noticed an increase or decrease in the number of parties in recent years.

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