Fierce Pet Owner Clings to Dognapper's Moving Car in Downtown L.A.

two white cars on a street woman clinging to hood
Pet Owner Clings to Dognapper's Moving CarKTLA 5 / YouTube

Some devoted pet owners would say they'd jump in front of a moving car for their furry friend, but thankfully, most never have to. Los Angeles resident Ali Zacharias found herself in that very situation when dognappers lured her French bulldog Onyx away from her outdoor table where she was having lunch.

A woman picked Onyx up and stepped into a white Kia Forte that was already carrying a male driver and two female passengers, Zacharias told KTLA-TV. Zacharias tried to enter the car after the woman and the other occupants shoved her out and locked the doors. Before they could drive away, Zacharias stood in front of the car and told them they could not take her dog. Shockingly, the driver pushed forward and the dog owner found herself on the hood of a moving car on the streets of downtown L.A.

The driver swerved, attempting to throw her off. A few blocks later, Zacharias was tossed from the hood and suffered cuts and bruises, according to NBC News. The police arrived and gave chase, but the criminals were not apprehended. Next steps include reviewing street cameras and tracking down the vehicle and hopefully, returning Onyx to his home.

Zacharias is offering a reward for Onyx's safe return; call the LAPD at 1-877-275-5273 if you have information. When last seen, the Kia was sporting a license plate frame reading "Gardena" and was missing the driver's side front hubcap.

In another hood-gripping incident on the other side of the country, New Yorker Steve Mauro jumped onto the hood of a Honda SUV when a man stole his $8,000 Rolex. Quickly (and most likely fortunately, as he was uninjured), Mauro was thrown into the grass in front of his home after the Facebook Marketplace sale went sideways.

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