Fight cougars and bears if they attack, province says

With summer looming, predators are looking to establish new territory and feed their young — and sometimes that results in human interaction.

The Saskatchewan government is advising anyone who is attacked by a predatory animal to fight back. 

People are advised to properly store food and garbage. Leaving them out in the open attracts bears and other predators.

If anyone encounters a potentially dangerous animal, they are advised to call conservation officers at 1-800-667-7561 or #5555 from your cellphone.

If you encounter a bear:

- If you're attacked, fight back.

- Stay calm, keep quiet and do not run.

- Don't look directly at the bear. Slowly back away and take a wide detour.

- Stay away from the cubs or mama bear will intervene.

- Do not feed bears or they will lose their natural fear of humans.

- Drop things in your possession to distract the bear as a last resort. 

- Keep your pet on a leash. An unleashed animal may aggravate predators.

If you encounter a cougar:

- Keep calm and do not run.

- Make it known you're not prey: appear big as possible, shout loudly and throw stuff at it.

- Back away to a safe distance and keep eye contact.

- Never play dead with any situation involving a cougar.

- After a cougar has left, keep an eye out until you get to safety.

- If it attacks, fight back and use any weapon you can.