16 Complicated Points-Of-View That Will Defeat The Visual Cortex Of Your Brain

16 Complicated Points-Of-View That Will Defeat The Visual Cortex Of Your Brain

Welcome to this week's roundup of the most head-scratching photos we found scouring Reddit's r/confusingperspective. Before we get into this week's top contenders, can you figure out this pic from last week that most people couldn't?:

Tall building under construction in a city, with scaffolding visible. Foreground includes rooftops and utility poles
u/PrA2107 / reddit.com

1.Okay, moving on to this week! Let's start it off with this pillar that appears to be free-floating like the building above:

A makeshift stand is created using wooden blocks and a metal sheet to support a metal frame structure on a stone wall. No persons are present in the image
u/HuckyDoolittle / reddit.com

2.Can you figure out why it looks like this dog's head got removed and attached to the side of its body?:

A dog lies on its back with its legs bent in an unusual position on a patterned surface
u/Saraastormm / reddit.com

3.What about this chair which appears to be standing upright with three legs?:

White plastic chair in front of a corrugated metal wall, placed on a concrete floor
u/EarlyRaccoon4745 / reddit.com

4.This person is NOT wearing a penguin suit with a plastic bag over their head, so please explain what is going on:

Person sitting on a subway, wearing a Pingu costume covered by a plastic raincoat, and holding a matching bag. Another person stands next to them in casual clothing
u/MiyamotoUsagi1587 / reddit.com

5.This semi-truck appears to be moving an entire building, but it is not:

A large truck with a flatbed trailer parked in a residential area, with an apartment building in the background
u/bustyandfit / reddit.com

6.If you can figure out how this dog scramble happened, please drop it in the comments:

A white fluffy dog is lying on its back, playfully showing its belly and paws, on a wooden floor
u/AuntBerthaVerified / reddit.com

7.As one Reddit user asked: "Why does this raised walkway lead to a wall?":

A brick building with a covered walkway connecting to an upper floor entrance. Green bushes surround the area. No people are visible
u/Age-of-Computron / reddit.com

8.Explain to us how on earth this shoe is not levitating:

A pair of slippers placed near a wooden beam and wall inside a sunlit room
u/AMdome / reddit.com

9.And how is it possible this vehicle is not doing the same?:

Car in a parking lot at night appears to be floating above the ground
u/Tony072 / reddit.com

10.This giant cat. Give us answers:

Two black and white cats, one sitting upright and one lying down, are indoors on a rug near a wall with blue curtains
u/WolverineWoodworks / reddit.com

11.Interpret this cat photo that is not X-rated:

Cat sleeping under a blanket, next to a person's arm and chest
u/chicosalvador / reddit.com

12.And how this dog is not standing upright with biceps:

The image shows the muscular back of a dog standing indoors with its head turned away, displaying well-defined muscles. A bag is seen in the background
u/More-Tale5784 / reddit.com

13.If the left eye of this pooch does not confuse you, drop what is going on in the comments for the rest of us:

Close-up of a bulldog with a wrinkled face and closed eyes resting on a leather couch with a white blanket
u/hooni6 / reddit.com

14.Is this loaf blob REALLY a cat? How can you be sure?:

A cat is lying flat on a table, appearing relaxed. In the background, there are McDonald's paper bags and other various items
u/Retrocausalityx7 / reddit.com

15.Does this piece of furniture have mirrors, or is it totally see-through?:

Black cabinet with a glass door and diamond-shaped patterns, placed on a tiled floor. A glass container filled with seashells is on top
u/International_Lime56 / reddit.com

16.And, finally, this one may be obvious up close, BUT FROM A DISTANCE, I think we can safely classify it as a confusingly head-turning perspective:

A person with long hair sits at a desk working on a computer with dual monitors, wearing a tank top, with a visible tattoo on their arm
u/realblurryface / reddit.com

If you're still stumped by some of these, look for next week's roundup where we will share what is actually happening with all of them!

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