Film about destruction of Ukrainian town Maryinka wins two major awards at New York Film Festival

Frame from movie White Angel - The End of Maryinka
Frame from movie White Angel - The End of Maryinka

Documentary White Angel - The End of Maryinka about war in Ukraine by German TV channel ZDF won both Gold Award and Grand Prix at NYF 2024 awards in Docudrama category, Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported on April 23.

Award ceremony took place in New York on April 16 during virtual Storytellers gala.

Documentary tells story of destruction of Ukrainian town Maryinka in Donetsk Oblast by Russians and about police unit evacuating residents of frontline areas.

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Film is based on a footage by German journalists filmed in Marinka in 2022 during evacuation of civilians by police, interviews with rescued residents and law enforcement officers recorded in 2023, and footage from police's GoPro cameras. Film was written and directed by German journalist Arndt Hinzel.

“This poignant film provides a striking look at the devastating consequences of invasion of Ukraine in February 2022," organizers of the award said in a statement.

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"Courageous actions of police officer Vasyl Pipa and his colleagues in Maryinka were brought to forefront through unwavering bravery and dedication. Story of White Angels symbolizes hope in the midst of despair... Congratulations to German television ZDF, as well as all minds and hearts behind this documentary drama, for creating a moving and unforgettable work that goes beyond storytelling to testify realities of war and immortality of human spirit."

The White Angel police group continues to evacuate residents from settlements in Donetsk Oblast that Russia is trying to seize.

As a reminder, Ukrainian documentary 20 Days in Mariupol, about siege and destruction of Ukrainian city by Russian invaders, won Oscar 2024 in Best Documentary Feature Film category.

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