Filmmaker who documented Trump family says Jan. 6 committee is focusing on Ivanka Trump's inconsistent statements

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British filmmaker Alex Holder sat down with Don Lemon Tonight on Thursday, where he spoke about testifying before the January 6 House select committee earlier in the day. Unbeknownst to apparently quite a few White House staffers, Holder and his crew spent months with the Trump family, including interviews, from before the 2020 election, through the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

"They were absolutely convinced they were gonna win the election," Holder said. "This is sort of, around about September 2020. So, sort of, why not have someone follow them around on the campaign trail documenting them winning the election. And so they essentially made that choice to allow us in."

Earlier this week, after a congressional subpoena, Holder turned over all of his footage to the committee. In it, Ivanka Trump is seen telling Holder that former President Trump should continue to fight the election results. This contradicts her sworn testimony to the committee that she accepted former Attorney General Bill Barr's statement that there was no proof of voter fraud. Holder said this discrepancy was the main focus of the committee.

Asked if there was anything the committee was interested in that does not appear in the documentary, Holder admitted there were some things. Pressed to explain, Holder said, "The main one being, there's sort of a — the first part of Ivanka Trump’s reaction to her father's position on the election is in the documentary, but there's another part of it that didn't make it into the documentary. And they were interested in her entire piece on that particular point."

Ivanka remotely testified before the committee for eight hours in April, and it's not yet known whether or not lawmakers will want to speak to her again given new revelations about her testimony. But it was clear to Holder that the committee wants to understand the inconsistency.

"They wanted to understand exactly when that particular interview took place and how it came about," Holder said. "I think they — well, I think quite a few people think there's some sort of inconsistency between what she said to the committee and what she said to me."

Holder later added, "I don’t know what she said to her father, all I know is what she said to me. And clearly, there is a difference between the position that she said to me and the position she gave to the committee."

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