Work Finally Begins at the Excavation Site

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“The Development Permit Process is Complete,” Brandi Morissette, Chief Administrative Officer, RM of McKillop No 220.

In early January, ASL Paving Ltd. was awarded the contract for a 10.9 million dollar Saskatchewan Provincial Highway project which will see 19 KM’s of notoriously rough Highway 220 paved into popular Rowan’s Ravine Provincial Park. After some bumpy road in the permitting process, the stakeholders appear to have reached an agreement, and machinery is finally on the move at the temporary gravel pit location.

“We set-up our silt fence yesterday and have started stripping the topsoil this morning, which will take a while. I would expect us to start processing aggregate later next week,” General Manager Jorden Hanus of ASL’s Regina Division.

Morissette did not provide an update on the road haul agreement’s status; the company needs to haul from the excavation site to the project site 4 KM’s down the road. The RM has had concerns with the condition of the RM’s roads due to the hauling. Council has identified three acceptable haul routes, and ASL previously agreed to the RM’s request of a $200,000 bond to ensure the roads return to their former state.

Jennifer Argue, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Last Mountain Times