Finally, Some Good News! The power of love — without power; dads get sh*t done; elusive gator caught; Nigerian kid-genius's laundry-folding robot

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The power of love — without power

You’ve said yes to the dress, the venue is booked, your guests arrived. But the Great New York City Blackout of 2019 has plans of its own.

A massive power outage hit Manhattan’s Midtown and Upper West Side on Saturday, leaving the area dark for several hours. That wasn’t going to stop lovebirds Amy Rosenthal and Craig Silverstein from going through with their wedding at the Plaza Hotel.

“A lot of people thought it was on purpose, like some kind of mood-lighting situation,” Justin Rosenthal, Amy’s brother, told the New York Times. “You know how like at concerts people pull out their cellphones? That’s what happened.”

The band also made due with instruments that didn’t require power — the sax, trumpet and violin. Guests took part in a singalong to assist the microphone-less singer and the new couple was still able to dance the night away.

“It was unbelievable,” Amy, 32, told the Times. “Everyone stepped up and were doing everything in their power to make the night a special one.”

Like Céline Dion famously sang, that’s “The Power of Love.”

Dads get sh*t done

Huggies is getting major props online for a bold and overdue campaign: Their new diaper boxes feature dads for the first time ever.

The company will debut seven new box designs for their “Special Delivery” line starting next month. Four feature women and babies and three feature men, include one Black father — also a first in history.

“When you think about the important role that dads have in the family today and how that continues to grow, we wanted to make sure they were equally celebrated,” a company spokesperson said.

Elusive gator ‘Chance the Snapper’ caught

Chicago’s elusive gator has been found, safe and sound.

The alligator, named “Chance the Snapper” after Chicago’s own Chance the Rapper, had been eluding authorities from Humboldt Park for more than a week.

A wrangler was brought in from Florida to finally catch the 5 foot, 3 inches long Chance Tuesday at 1:30 a.m.

“Wherever he came from, he’s a very healthy alligator,” gator exert Frank Robb said at a press conference.

Chance got his name after a city-wide poll. Other names in contention were Frank Lloyd Bite, Ruth Gator Ginsburg and Croc Obama.

Chance the Snapper will be sent to a sanctuary or zoo.

The kid genius whose robot folds a T in three seconds

Her name is Fathia Abdullahi and she’s a 12-year-old kid genius from Nigeria.

She created a robot that can fold a T-shirt in three seconds because she was overwhelmed with just how many clothes there were to fold on weekends.

“I made it using pins, some beams and an EV3 brick,” she told Reuters.

She plans to develop her prototype further and market it to locals in her area.