Fiona the hippo projects cuteness in her sleep

Ever since Fiona the preemie hippo made her early debut at the Cincinnati Zoo back in January, she’s amassed an enthusiastic following eager to watch her every move – whether she’s asleep or awake.

The latest video of the usually bouncy viral video-prone mammal shows a close-up of her whiskery snout propped up against the edge of a pool. Her tongue sticks out slightly as she unconsciously smacks her lips together. The camera moves to show the little hippo has her eyes shut, deep in a dreamy sleep.

Unsurprisingly, the commenters couldn’t contain their enthusiasm for the baby hippo.

“Baby HIPPO tongue OMG,” exclaimed Carol Kempen.

“Her chubby little mouth/nose looks like a giant grey strawberry,” remarked Flowerfanatic. “And that tongue…..AWWW!”

Some commenters even beg for a Fiona cam to be installed in her pen.

Baby Fiona was born at the end of January, six weeks before her due date. Since then, staff at the zoo have diligently posted videos of the baby animal’s progress when it comes to pool time (both in the baby pool and the big kid pool), feeding time, and now sleeping time. Fiona has become such a fixture at the zoo, she even has a progress page on their website.

She appears to be gaining weight like a champ, graduating from little feeding bottle to bigger feeding bottle. As of April 1, Fiona’s molars have started to break through, so her handlers are making sure she has teething objects to sooth her.

It’s a safe bet that we’ll be seeing more of her real soon.