Fire Destroys Rosthern Hospitality Motel

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At 2:00 am on April 14, 2021, the Rosthern Fire and Rescue members responded to a fire alarm at the Rosthern Hospitality Motel. The local volunteer fire and rescue team fought the blaze, but the fire was not confined. The fire spread quickly, no doubt aided by the age of the structure, but it was brought under control within a couple of hours. The Rosthern Fire and Rescue team, which consists of roughly 16 volunteer members, was at the scene from 2:00 to 7:30 am. While the crew experienced no injuries, it was an exhausting night for all involved. Comments posted on Facebook reported that one person was taken away by ambulance, but that has not been confirmed. A post on the Town of Rosthern page indicated that no one was injured. Investigators will spend the next while going through the remains of the building to try and determine the cause of the blaze.

“Our deepest and most sincere sympathies from our Staff and Council go out to the Owners and Residents of the Rosthern Motel that was lost to fire last night. Thankfully, nobody was hurt and our thanks to Rosthern Fire and Rescue and the RCMP for their work,” said a statement on the town of Rosthern’s Facebook page.

Fire Chief Darcy Hrycuik confirmed the motel was home to several longer-term residents. The Rosthern RCMP was already on scene when the Fire and Rescue arrived at the fire and had successfully evacuated the residents. The actions of two quick-thinking Rosthern RCMP officers helped ensure everyone escaped safely from the motel on fire. On arrival, the RCMP members activated the police vehicle’s siren to alert anyone remaining inside. One of the officers rushed into the motel, checking each room for occupants.

“It was a chaotic situation,” explains Sgt. Jacqueline Spence, Commander of the Rosthern Detachment. “Members were able to navigate through smoke, flames and the possibility of the building caving in.”

The officer was alerted that someone was still inside a room. He quickly entered it, found the individual and assisted them in escaping safely. Flames were climbing up and over the room’s door and melting the ceiling as they escaped, Sgt. Spence says.

Though the fire resulted in the total loss of the motel, no one was critically injured.

The members put aside concerns for their safety to help others, Sgt. Spence adds. “I think that their brave and heroic actions and their quick response enabled them to save lives. They’re not looking for recognition – they’re just happy everyone was safe – but their work is commendable.”

Unfortunately, though, the devastating fire left those residents without homes and possessions. The Good Neighbours Food Centre supplied residents who were in need with emergency food and hygiene products while the Red Cross is helping with accommodations.

The fire crew was called back to scene to deal with hidden hot spots and fire flare-ups throughout the next couple of days. Fire and Rescue took to Facebook to remind people in and around the area to stay away from the site as it was not safe, and it is not a place to play. Fire scenes can have all sorts of dangers, from hot spots to debris with nails from the destroyed building.

Hats off to all the emergency personnel, Rosthern Fire and Rescue, Rosthern Ambulance and the Rosthern RCMP, for their efforts to keep the community safe.

Carol Baldwin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Wakaw Recorder