Fire safety imprtant for Nobleford

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Fire Prevention Week looked slightly different from usual for the second year in a row based on the COVID-19 pandemic. Usually, many fire departments would go to school and teach about fire safety, but it is unable to be achieved this year.

The Fire Department of Nobleford had launched its Fire Prevention Week by encouraging residents to educate themselves on the different sounds smoke detectors make, which is this year’s theme.

This year’s theme helps people better understand smoke alarms and the different sounds they make.

The critical messages for Fire Prevention Week is to know the difference between the sounds of a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide alarm, three beeps for smoke alarms and four beeps for carbon monoxide alarms, and the second is to test all smoke and CO alarms monthly. Press the test button to make sure all alarms work in your house or your business.

Ryan Wagner, who serves as Nobleford’s fire chief, said the importance of calling 911 and what to say in a situation of emergency.

“Educates young generation of the importance of calling 911, and what to say like there address, who they are that way, that way it’ll help the dispatchers pinpoint where we have to go and response too.” Wagner explained.

It’s showed that when there is a chirp every 30 to 60 seconds from a detector, that indicates that the battery needs to be changed.

“Social media is a great thing. It has a lot of different (resources). has a website generated for kids you know with cartoons and videos and such where they can see fire safety types of educational stuff that you don’t get from talking with someone, so there some stuff online that helps.” Added Wagner.

For further information about Fire Prevention Week, you can visit fpw. prg.

Jaxon McGinn, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Sunny South News

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