Fire study to look at risk with growth

ADELAIDE METCALFE - A company was hired to complete a fire services review and community risk assessment for the Township as it experiences growth.

Emergency Services Strategy and Solutions Inc. is getting $36,000 to do the job, with $20,000 coming from last year’s budgeted fire study money and the rest from the modernization reserve fund, meaning no new taxes to do the study that was expanded to include the risk assessment.

That assessment only needs to be done every six years, and the last one was done in 2019. But the rationalization was that a new one was needed to take into account grwoth, especially along the commercial corridor of Highway 81’s Centre Road northwest of Strathroy.

“I can tell you there’s already one thing we’re going to be working on in the very near future, which is the establishment and regulatory bylaw for the fire services department because there’s certain levels of service that council will need to consider at that time. And essentially what we’re going to do is reflect the level of service that we’ve seen from council through council decisions, resolutions and budget approvals,” explained CAO Morgan Calvert to council at its Feb. 21 meeting.

Chris Gareau, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner