Firefighters Work to Contain Dozens of Fires Burning in Sweden

Government firefighters battled one of many blazes in Sweden on July 17, caused by severe drought conditions across the country.

Residents were evacuated from Gavleborg, Jamtland and Dalarna counties by July 18, as 44 wildfires burned in Sweden.

Two Italian firefighting planes were sent to help on July 18 after Swedish officials asked the European Union for more fire rescue services. Nine fire warnings were issued to the public on July 18, according to National Swedish Radio.

The largest fire is located in Fågelsjö-Lillåsen in Jämtland, which has spread to more than 2,500 hectares, or almost 6,200 acres.

Patrik Forsgren said this video was taken while he was helping save a home from a fire burning in Ljusdal, Sweden. Forsgren told Storyful that the firefighters had been battling the fire since July 15. Credit: Patrik Forsgren via Storyful