First ever albino Galapagos shark captured on video at Wolf Island

This rare footage of an albino shark was captured off Wolf Island in the Galapagos. These sharks are almost never seen and even more rarely caught on video. Close inspection shows that the shark actually has some areas that may be skin pigmentation, which would make the shark leucistic as opposed to a true albino. Sharks with this condition are almost unheard of. One was caught off the coast in the United Kingdom in 2018 and it was believed to be the first one ever caught. After a few pictures, it was released into the ocean again. This shark appears to be a Galapagos shark. There is no known record of an albino or leucistic Galapagos shark ever being spotted. Solon Intriago is a world renowned scuba dive guide who has been leading underwater expeditions here for nearly 35 years. He has a deep love for the ocean and a respect for the creatures who call this magical world their home. This respect is passed on to Solon's clients as he shows them astounding sights and teaches them about the ocean and how to protect it from harm. Solon has a way with people and with animals and it is not uncommon to see the creatures here coming to curiously inspect Solon, almost as if they are greeting an old friend. He captures close up footage of the ocean's most beautiful and elusive creatures. It is no doubt his slow and respectful approach to scuba diving that tempts the animals closer to him to have a look. Solon can be found through Float N' Flag Dive Centre in Ontario. A trip with Solon is likely to be an unforgettable experience. And a trip to the Galapagos will be equally unforgettable.

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