The first three teams to have their World Series odds taken off the board are ...

The start of a new month brings a new batch of World Series odds from our online sportsbook Bovada, which once again shows the Houston Astros as the World Series favorite. The Astros have the best record in MLB and have had the best record in MLB for sometime. So this is hardly a shock.

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The latest Bovada odds do tell us a few other things, however, including:

• The Los Angeles Dodgers have moved up to No. 2. They were sixth at the start of June.

• The Chicago Cubs have slid down to fifth. They were second at the start of June.

• We’ve reached the time of the year when Bovada takes some teams off the board completely, the first three of which you can see here. Just keep scrolling, you’ll get there.

Hot take: This online sportsbook thinks Maikel Franco and the Phillies aren’t gonna win it all this year. (AP)

Houston Astros — 9/2
Los Angeles Dodgers — 5/1
Boston Red Sox — 13/2
Washington Nationals — 7/1
Chicago Cubs — 15/2
Cleveland Indians — 15/2
Arizona Diamondbacks — 14/1
New York Yankees — 14/1
Colorado Rockies — 16/1
Milwaukee Brewers — 33/1
Toronto Blue Jays — 40/1
St. Louis Cardinals — 50/1
Baltimore Orioles — 66/1
Kansas City Royals — 66/1
Minnesota Twins — 66/1
Seattle Mariners — 66/1
Tampa Bay Rays — 66/1
Texas Rangers — 66/1
Los Angeles Angels — 80/1
Detroit Tigers — 100/1
New York Mets — 100/1
Pittsburgh Pirates — 100/1
Atlanta Braves — 150/1
Miami Marlins — 250/1
Chicago White Sox — 500/1
Cincinnati Reds — 500/1
Oakland Athletics — 500/1
Philadelphia Phillies — Off the Board
San Diego Padres — Off the Board
San Francisco Giants — Off the Board

Sorry Phillies, Padres and Giants — but your princess is in another castle. And it’s far, far away.

The Phillies and the Padres? OK, most people knew they’d be out of it by Fourth of July. But the Giants? Some had them as a World Series contender at the start of the season. Now this? It’s been that ugly of a season in SF.

The Giants are in the middle of a six-game winning streak, which has helped somewhat. But they’re still two games behind the Padres, sitting in the cellar of the NL West. So for anybody wanting to put money on them to win the World Series, this sportsbook just did you a favor.

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