Fish are ready to bite at the trout pond

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With the Kids Can Catch event coming up this June, the Town of Taber is excited for kids and parents to experience the event together.

“On June 18, we are doing our fourth year of Kids Can Catch,” said Emily Hembrough, Taber Arts, Culture and Events coordinator. “What we do is we partner with MMP, and Taber Fish and Game comes out — Alberta Conservation Association actually gave us a grant to host it, and so we hand out 100 free fishing rods to the first hundred families. We also have free fishing rods that people can borrow for the day if they don’t have their own. We do encourage people to bring their own. Then we have an educational portion where we teach you how to bait your hook, we teach you how to cast your line, we go through what type of fish are in the trout pond, and everything about fishing. Taber Fish and Game actually does some pretty cool shows about how to clean a fish, and how to take a fish off your hook after you catch one. Depending on how you fish, if you throw the line and reel it in, or if you throw and let it sit you have to bait your hook differently, so they teach you all that kind of stuff. There’s a free lunch in the afternoon and we have some giveaways, and then prizes — all kinds of fun stuff and everything is free. So, anybody and everybody can come to that and we hope we get a lot of new anglers out so we can teach lots of new fishermen how to fish in Alberta.”

Meghan Brennan, Communications and Projects coordinator of the Town of Taber also discussed how this event presents the idea of conservation to the kids.

“It definitely helps with the conservation aspect. We encourage catch and release at the Town of Taber, especially at are trout pond,” she said. “It’s become one of our premier amenities in our community and people really respond well, so this is another way to promote this beautiful area, this beautiful oasis on the prairie basically, and to show kids that this is the heritage of fishing — not only in our community but in our province. We just encourage them to be good stewards of the environment through conservation efforts, and learning how to fish properly it’s so they can teach their kids down the road, and carry on the tradition in the future. We’re really excited and honoured to have something like this.”

Brennan and Hembrough talked about the trout pond being restocked for this event. “It is this week that it’s getting restocked,” said Hembrough. “The Alberta Conservation Association five days ago said: “Taber Trout Pond will be stocked next week.’”

“We restock it about twice a year typically,” said Brennan. “So by the end of May our trout pond will be restocked again, and our little steelhead trout are ready to bite. Ready for Kids Can Catch and we encourage everybody to come out and try and catch one of our fish, although we do suggest they release them back.”

Finally, both Brennan and Hembrough took a moment to thank their partners and sponsors for making this event possible.

“Also thank you to River Runner Recreation for donating the rods,” said Brennan, with Hembrough immediately chiming in, “yes, and Alberta Conservation Association for the grant and, Taber Fish and Game, and MMP. There are main partners and sponsors.”

Ian Croft, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times

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