Fishermen hunt invasive catfish in Malaysia

Fishermen in Malaysia show off their catch of catfish, often known as 'janitor fish'. They're an invasive species here and they're destroying local ecosystems and displacing local fish. In Malaysia, the catfish is called “Bandaraya Fish”, scientifically known as Pterygoplichthys. It is native to South America and is popular among aquarium fish breeders worldwide. Researchers say that the release of this invasive species into the open rivers of Malaysia has impacted the local fish population. Out of frustration a group of locals who fish for sport has got together to hunt down the catfish and destroy them. The volunteers, known as the “Pemburu Ikan Bandaraya” (Bandaraya Fish Hunters), meet monthly and use nets to catch hundreds of catfish along the Langat River in Selangor. (AP Video/Syawalludin Zain)