Fishing boat toppled by winter storms in Musgrave Harbour

A family's fishing vessel — and their family business — is keeled over in Musgrave Harbour after wicked storms that blasted the northeast coast of Newfoundland.

Fisherman Cluney Pardy says the Baccalieu Endeavour was discovered on Tuesday afternoon listing on the port side. 

"When we got there the boat was listed out a bit," he said. "We put a loader on her but we couldn't hold her, she just kept going on her side."

Pardy says he has no idea what caused the boat to push over — but he knows it's a big loss for him and his family business.

"It's devastating, it's a big loss to us. The fishery is about to start here now, and we got no enterprise here."

He had just invested in gear for the turbot fishery, he said. He's not sure what's going to happen if he has no boat before the fishing season begins.

He's been talking with his insurer today, and divers are expected in Musgrave Harbour to help bring the boat back to an upright position.

Pardy said watching his boat on its side in the water is an even worse feeling than the cuts to shrimp and crab quotas in Newfoundland.

"Fishing is our income, it's our livelihood here," he said.